Arizona Sunland Foods is a family business that was established in 1983 in Tucson, Arizona. We are a custom food manufacturer specializing in frozen breaded proteins, vegetables, value added labor projects as well as sauces and salad dressings packaged in dipping cups. Our customers are restaurant chains, distributors, casinos, institutions and deli counters. The bulk of our business is proprietary or private label, however we also have our own Sunland line.

  Arizona Sunland Foods is a “boutique” manufacturing plant that specializes in custom products. We are able to produce portion controlled products to very specific sizing guidelines. Today’s operators very often buy products by the pound and sell them by the piece. Due to our consistency in sizing, operators are able to have a firm ” by the piece price” for our products. We take the guess work out of your kitchen and you will see the results in your food cost.

  Typically, customers employ our unique services to improve their quality control and lower food costs. Our customers generally use our services if they have been making an item themselves, looking to have an item they have been buying improved, or want to develop a new product from the ground up. We are experts in all of these areas. Our capabilities allow us to create the exact flavor profile, visual appeal and portion size to meet the needs of our very diverse customers. The food industry is all about food cost. We can assist you in improving product costs and quality control. Our prices are extremely competitive, and we are very accustomed to working with budgets during product development.

Arizona Sunland Foods specializes in the following areas:

Breaded Seafood
Breaded Beef
Breaded Poultry
Breaded Pork
Salad Dressings
Custom Dipping Cups
Value added Labor Projects


All items are available in any breading profile, flavor profile and portion size to fit the needs of the customer. All breaded items are IQF and ready to cook.


Joel Jacobsen

Arnie Jacobsen
Founder-Board Member

Josh Jacobsen
Vice President - Director of Marketing / Sales


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